About Dr.Patkar's Homoeopathy

Dr. Patkar’s are a family of Homoeopathic Physicians-
Dr.Vinayak.N.Patkar and Dr.(Mrs.)Leena.V.Patkar,
Dr.Mandar.N.Patkar and Dr.(Mrs) Shruti.M.Patkar.
Fortunately they all have been blessed by God, Almighty with a divine system of Homoeopathy to alleviate the suffering of humanbeings

Dr.Vinayak.N.Patkar and Dr.Leena.V.Patkar are into classical homoeopathic practice since last 20 years after passing out from the prestigious CMPHMC college located in VileParle, Mumbai, in 1992. They have successfully treated all types of patients using classical homoeopathy. Both have completed M.D from YMT medical college in Mumbai, specializing in INFERTILITY and RESPIRATORY DISEASES.

Dr. Mandar N.Patkar and Dr. Shruti. M Patkar also following the same footsteps, having passed from Dhondumama Sathe college, Pune in 1998 and further completed M.D from YMT medical college, Mumbai, specializing in ------- They are also practicing Classical Homoeopathy since last 15years with excellent results.

“Our success stands on the basis of hard-work and loyalty towards the system of HOMOEOPATHY from day one of practice. Also up to this day we have tried our best to follow the footsteps of pioneers Dr. Samuel. Hahnemann, Dr.J.T.Kent, Dr. C. Hering, Dr. Boger, Dr. Boeninghausen, Dr. Allen, Dr.Clarke, & many more.”

“We also will always remain indebted to our teachers Dr. Prafull.Vijaykar, Dr. Rajan. Sankaran, Dr. B. G. Daptardar who have always been our source of inspiration to practice classical Homoeopathy.”

We believe in “PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH”, following the principles in our personal lives too. Hence we proudly say we not only practice homoeopathy but we LOVE & LIVE homoeopathy too!

We believe that the medicines we prescribe are the blessings of ALMIGHTY channeled through us to serve the Mankind.


We sincerely hope that this website is useful for you and give you valuable information!