Testimony of Malaika’ recovery

NAME : Malaika D’Souza
DOB : 13/09/2003

Malaika had a history of bronchitis with wheezing and breathlessness since 1 & ½ years of age. She was hospitalized a number of times and was on heavy allopathy medicines. She also developed fear due to various ghost stories told to her and various other phobias towards dogs, insects, water, darkness, bad dreams, etc due to which the attacks were very frequent (almost 3 – 4 days ) and due to which she could not eat nor sleep nor go to school and her health began deteriorating further. In short all the regular activities a normal school going child would do, she was in no position to do. She had to be carried and would always want her mother by her side during these times. We were very concerned and worried about her.

But Praise be to God, we were blessed with a very good doctor Dr. Vinayak Patkar (Homoeopath), who took this case as a challenge and began treating her. It took a longer time to diagnose the problem and treatment was delayed since she was unable to express herself. On the 3rd Feb 2013, a counseling session was organized by Dr Patkar, after which she began to show very good improvement and thereby she now continues to do her activities the way a normal child would do. She had got her last attack on 30th March 2013 and since then till date she hasn’t had any.

We pray that God bless Dr Patkar and his family for all the efforts and pains he has taken to treat my child. My faith on homoepathy has strengthened by his relentless dedication and determination in treating each and every patient who comes to him.

Melroy D’Souza
(Father of Malaika)

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