NAME : Mr. Dilipkumar Jain

I was being diagnosed Hyperthyroidism in 1998. I took treatment constant and regular for 12y till2010. In spite of regular treatment my thyroid levels were TSH-0.001; T3-5.0; T4-24.42 which show very high, Hyperthyroidism due to which I was chronically suffering from weight loss, weakness, palpitation and sleeplessness. Then dr. advised me Iodine therapy.

I approached Dr. Patkar in 2011 on Apri-23. He started Homoeopathic treatment and I am taking his medicines regularly. My new reports are-TSH-0.005; t3-2.03; T4-15.34. Also my weight has increased from 52 to 60kg and all above problems have gone and I am feeling well.

Dileepkumar Jain, lecturer (physics)
48, Madhuban-1, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan

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