CASE OF Tuberculosis-Knee

NAME : Bharati Ankolekar

Hello Dr Patkar,

In 1999, I hurt my left knee. It was the office drawer which injured my left knee.Little did I know that this was a endless and painful journey. Since 1999-2002 almost for 3 years I consulted big names in orthopaedic/MD/doctors in allopathy. Ieven tried ayurvedic medicine as suggested by many. But all was in vain.The pain did not subside a bit. In fact my it all affected my digestive system.

None of the doctors ever had an answer as to why my knee was paining so badly/as to why there was swelling in the knee. Operation/doses of aspirin/pain killers had not lessened the pain.

One well known hospital, also suggested I amputate my leg. It was the last resource.I made up my mind thinking of some kind of miracle should happen. And there it happened. My best friend had an answer. She told me to come with her to Dr Patkar as the last option.

Dr Patkar told me do the blood test and he told me that I am suffering from TB. He told me that I was suffering from TB as it was the cause due the fluid accumulated in my knee.He also told me that it could be cured by homeopathy. Dr Patkar not only cured me through medicine, but cleared all the side effects caused to me due to allopathy/ayurvedic medicines.

He not only suggested me physiotherapy. but got me out of depression and made me strong enough to travel by train and go to work. I almost started going to work after a period of 4 long yearsof being bedridden Its truly a miracle in life. I was saved by Dr Patkar and the belief in homeopathy grew stronger with each passing day.Be it Flu,ViralFever,Typhoid its got to be homeopathy for me.

a truly life saving medicine. My thanks to Dr Patkar and homeopathy

Bharati Ankolekar

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