NAME : Anuj Danait

Our son Anuj Damodar Danait was in 4th standard when he got fever one day. He being Dr. Patkar’s patient, treatment was started by him. After three days a lump was seen on his throat area. Dr. Patkar said that this is tonsils growing outward. Anuj’s fever continued on and off for nineteen days and the lump was not receding. I told Dr. Patkar that this is a trial of our faith in Homoepathy and that we should try a second opinion. Dr Patkar was confident, yet for our sake he gave a letter to an E.N.T. surgeon in Dahanukarwadi area asking for his consultation. The surgeon was shocked to see Anuj’s condition and on our telling that Anuj was being treated for tonsils growing outward he said that this is not tonsils. To find out what it was he said that Anuj had to be admitted, administered anti-biotics and after an M.R.I. it can be ascertained whether the lump could be ruptured and biopsy done. Only then he would be able to tell what it is.

We had faith in Dr Patkar so even on the surgeon’s repeated saying that this was no longer a case for homoepathy we came back to Neel Homoepathy Clinic. Dr Patkar himself immediately took an appointment at 11 pm with the MRI centre in Goraswadi, Malad and also gave Rs5000/- to pay at the centre. He asked the centre to give an informal report of the findings. On getting the informal report he asked us to come at his clinic, reopened his clinic at 12 in the night and assured us that his treatment was not at all wrong and that our son would be well within 3 days. It happened so that the fever subsided completely and the lump settled in a weeks time.

No antibiotic or any kind of surgery was performed on Anuj and we thank Dr Patkar for it and remain grateful by propagating homoepathic treatment to others telling them about our first hand experience.

Anuj Danait

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