Case of Pyogenic Arthritis, A Complication of Typhoid Fever

Testimony of Chris D’souza recovery

NAME : Chris D’souza

It was June 2010, when elder son was down with typhoid, during his illness he had also developed fluid in the right of his leg (groin) due to which he was not neither able to walk nor sit for long. Since we are on homeopathic medicine we were treating with Dr. Patkar’s. Since we were unable to understand the case initially Dr. Vinayak decided to consult orthorpedic Dr. Telang from MM hospital. Hefrightened us stating the Child need to be admitted immediately. We decide to consult Dr. Vinayak before. Dr. Vinayak suggested for X-ray/ sonography and later for MRI as it was not clear from the X-ray’s. While we doing MRI. Consulting Doc also said that we should stop homeopathic medicine as this is critical and we are playing with our childs life, if we continue the child shall be crippled for entire life.

Since we had faith in Dr. Patkar’s we stuck on. The allopathic genius said that it shall take min 6 month for the child to recover with traction. My child started walking, cycling all alone in Just 4 months. All I say is homeopathy is much effective and has cent percent cure then allopathy.

I whole hearted Thank Dr. Leena and Dr. Vinayak Patkar’s for all their efforts and dedication. Thanks to all who prayed for Chris.

Mr. Francis. D’souza
(Father of Chris D’souza)

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