Mr. Girish P. Kotecha had been suffering from Liver Cirrihosis. He was an alcoholic person who used to consume alcohol almost throughout the day. For the 1st time on 26.05.2013, he bleeded from his mouth as well as in urine and stool. He was immediately hospitalized and several tests were done. His liver tests report showed total Bilirubin range of 6.4. After a weeks treatment in hospital he was discharged as he showed the signs of stability. He also had jaundice at a very higher rate.

He was once again hospitalized two weeks later as he was showing the same symptoms. In those days he still had jaundice and also bleeded along with stool. Once again his tests were done and his Bilirubin had fallen to 3.5 this time. He was discharged after couple of days. In doctor’s advice he will continue having this problem in future and it wasn’t possible to cure him.

Since then he was bed ridden. He often had fever and body-ache. His intake of diet was almost negligible after that. He was then sleeping almost throughout the day and night. He hardly showed any movements. He was helped by 1 or 2 persons for washroom or to feed him or even to give him medicines. In medical terms he showed the early signs of coma. All that time he was awake, he wasn’t conscious. He talked in sleep, infact he had stopped communicating. After few days, he only consumed water and juices that too in negligible quantity. We had therefore, lost all the hopes of him recovering or even surviving before we met Dr. Vinayak Patkar.

By mid July, we started giving him homeopathic treatment. Since it wasn’t possible to take him to the doctor, Dr. Vinayak Patkar had personally visited him. Following that his team had also visited us to do a detail case study. Consequently, in a week’s time he started showing movements that he had earlier stopped. He was able to get up with support and even turn his body while sleeping. He got some kind of strength. As time passed, we got to see some or the other improvement in him. It was like a witnessing miracle in front of you. He was able to consume soft diet now. He no longer had any fever or body-ache. But by this time, he had already developed bed soars.

By August, he was able to walk independently, though bed soars were troublesome. We then started treating him for bed soars simultaneously. Today, he is able to communicate in a proper way, his appetite is even more than what he was, he is always in his senses and talks relevant things, he is able to perform his routine activities independently, he shows no interest towards alcohol. Most importantly, now he lives a normal life. As per his latest test his Bilirubin range is 2.4 (indicating an early stage of Liver Cirrihosis). This shows that his condition has reversed.

All thanks to Dr. Vinayal Patkar for giving life to a person who was almost on death bed.


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