NAME : Shravani Shirodkar-6y.

I Had started Homoeopathy for my daughter Shravani when she was 1year old for rec. URTI-upper respiratory tract infection. This was my decision after constantly medicating her with antibiotics every 15days since she was 6months old.

After starting Homoeopathic treatment with Dr. Patkar’s(Feb 2009) she improved. Her attacks got less and in case of occasional fever Dr. Patkar’s managed with only Homoeopathic medicines. They were against giving even paracetamol in high fevers.

In Jun-2010, she had a severe episode of high fever and chills. After 3days of no improvement, doctor advised for a blood test and to my horror she was detected Falciparum Malaria.

Now was a very crucial period in my life where I had to decide whether to continue Homoeo or get her admitted for quick relief as there are high chances of Meningitis with this type of Malaria.

Fever was high grade and I had lot of pressure from my in-laws who were not in favor of Homoeo anyways. But Dr. Patkar’s convinced me to stay with Homoeopathy and they took good care of my daughter. Without any paracetamol the fever started subsiding and in a week’s time the fever was gone for good.

Now she very rarely falls sick but we give only homoeopathic medicines. Patience and FAITH pays. So I recommend Homoeopathy to all.

Thanx, Dr. Patkar’s.

Shravani Shirodkar

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