NAME : Lydia Fernandez

I am Lydia Fernandes .I am 39 years old and a teacher by profession.

Since childhood I always suffered from severe cold and skin allergies. Iunderwent all kinds of treatment for the same. As i grew up the problem only aggravated. It was difficult for to concentrate on my work and family.the cold turned into bronchial asthama.i used to get the attack every month.It used to be difficult for me to walk.till i came across a friend whose son had been successfully treated by dr.leena.i thought i would give a try.i have been under dr.leena care and medicatio since june 2012.the frequency and the intensity of the asthma attacks have reduced to zero.now I do get cold but its like the others who get for a period of a day or two.

The phobia is no longer there thanks to dr.leena

truly homoepathy cares and cures!

Lydia Fernandez

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