PCOD cured by Homeopathic Medication

NAME : Jisha Varghese

This is to testify that I was diagnosed with PCOD disease in March 2011.

After going through a series of tests and allopathic medicines for 6months, there was no relief in the severe pain that I was undergoing. My periods were irregular, to an extent of once in 3months.I had to go through many other linked problems like high cholesterol, high BP, weight gain and uneasiness. I was told by doctors that PCOD is a non curable slow killer and that I will have to live with the problem.

Finally in November 2011, I decided to try homeopathic medicines of Dr Leena Patkar.

After a session of talk with her, she started her medicines and after taking homeopathy medicines religiously for one and a half years, my PCOD problem has vanished. My periods are very regular, weight has reduced, BP is normal and I am healthy.

Although it’s science, but for me it is no less than miracle. Thanks a ton to Dr Leena Patkar. I am continuing my medicines, till further instructions from her.

Before Homeopathy Medicines.(Report dtd March 2011)

Right Ovary 3.3x3.1x2.8cm(volume 16.17cc)
Left Ovary 3.8x3.0x2.8cm(volume 17.67cc)

Remark :Both Ovaries are bulky. They show central echogenic stroma & multiple tiny follicles distributed in the periphery.
No obvious cystic (Solid mass lesion is seen in both ovaries)
Mild free fluid is noted in pouch of Douglas


Bulky ovaries with features suggestive of polycystic ovarian disease.
Mild free fluid in POD

After Homeopathy Medicines(Report Dtd May 2013)

Remark : Ovaries on either side show normal echotexture.
Right ovary ms 3.6x2.4cms, Left ovary ms 3.0x2.9cms.No adnexal mass is seen.

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