NAME : Merwyn Lima

Merwyn was detected with Dengue this September 30th. He had a fever of 104 and we thought it would be a viral one. He was suffering with a high temperature for days and it would not show signs of improvement. On the first day of his sickness he had a fall and happened to turn his eyes and shiver like as if he got fits. We were scared and petrified since he could not remember a thing after it happened. We then immediately rushed to Dr. Vinayak and told him about the incident and as Dr. Vinayak suggested we removed a few blood tests to which the results were Dengue positive.
For over 2 days Merwyn was suffering from severe body pain and high fever. On the 3rd day of his sickness Merwyn started complaining of throat pain due to which the liquid intake started decreasing. He also complained of motions and nausea. Merwyn was in a state where he almost was very depressed and tensed about his health and would not stop thinking of the pain he was going through.

We tried our level best to do all we could and so did Dr. Patkars but there was something missing which we could not understand and that was Merwyn’s mental state. He was tensed, lonely, and mostly quiet, to himself and bothered about his exams which were due in few days. We did convince him that he would not have to give his exams but despite that something else was bothering him. We thought he was missing his friends and we invited a few close friends to pay a visit to him. Merwyn was happy that day but again he was in a negative state of mind. He would talk in his sleep and murmur a lot of things that had no relevance. We would not stop troubling doctors over the phone at even 3am but eventually we kept a track of each and every situation and kept informing it to both Dr. Leena and Dr. Vinayak.
We told Merwyn that not only his physical illness was needed to be described but his mental state of mind also needed to be understood in order to be cured perfectly. Eventually DR. Vinayak counseled him in private where he shared his troubles with him and we got an assurance that he would not take much time to recover now. There were times where our faith did shake but definitely we did trust both Dr. Vinayak and Dr. Leena Patkar and we believe that they have been a true guide throughout. All I say is homeopathy is much effective and throughout Merwyn sickness.
I whole hearted Thank Dr. Leena and Dr. Vinayak Patkar for all their efforts and dedication. Thanks to all who prayed for Merwyn.

Merwyn Lima

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