NAME : Mr James Louis

Dear Doctor,
Mr James Louis aged 74 was admitted for carotid stenting clinical syndrome which was done on the right side,at Kokilaben Dhirubai Ambani hospital.
The left carotid stenting was done 15/11/2012 which was showing around 80% blockage. It was also been seen in the reports where the right side showed around 65% and he would have to go under the stenting thing in the next 4 to 5 months.

He started homeopathy treatment under Dr Vinayak Patkar from December 2012 and there was some difference within the next month. When the first carotid Doppler was done on the 29/1/12 it showed between 60 to 70%. As well as the left side was showing more of an improvement in the blood flow to the brain.
And there after he kept a track of it every three months. He showed a positive improvement. His latest report which was done on the 17/10/2013 also showed a great improvement where in it shows that the right side is 60%. With Homeopathy medication under Dr Vinayak Patkar he has shown a great improvement and would not require stenting for the right side.
He is continuing his treatment with Dr Vinayak Patkar and will do the tests every 6 months.
Thanks a lot Dr Vinayak Patkar for helping us.

Pradeep Rego

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