NAME : Mrs.Roseann

I was diagnosed with SLE in 2009. My complaints started with Lupus nephritis- a kidney infection. I also had osteoporosis in Femur bone and lumbar spine. My kidney functions were disturbed and Bun, creatine was also high. KEM doctors told me that all my organs will start failing one by one. They were giving me high doses of steroids also which was again disturbing my kidney. I felt I had messed up myself.
That is when I started taking Homoeopathic medicines from Dr. Leena Patkar in Aug-2011. Since I have started medicines I have overall improvement in me. Though I had to undergo a femur head replacement due to osteoporosis in Jan-2012; since then no further damage has occurred. My steroids are very minimal now and kidney functions are improving. Bun creatine is also now normal. Sonography shows no kidney destruction.
My medicines are still going on, but I know that I will surely get better. I will definitely live longer and healthy life with Homoeopathy. Thankyou, Dr. Patkar


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