NAME : Ms. Monica

I was suffering from Allergic cough since one year 2011, and was fed up of taking cough syrups and antibiotics for cough as it gave me lot of drowsiness and interfered with my Media profession. So as suggested by a friend I approached Dr. leena. Surprisingly from 2nd day onwards I started feeling better and was 75% better in the 2nd week. She continued my medicines for 6month. Since then I have no complaints of cough and cold or fever. She says now my resistence has improved and I can eat everything. So I tried eating icecreams and I could not believe that I had no cough at all. Now I have icecreams every weekends and no cough.
So I recommend homoeopathy to all as it helps improve our immunity levels so we do not fall sick often. And we need not drug ourselves with other medicines. Thankyou, Dr. Patkar……

Ms. Monica

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