NAME : Ms. Ruhi Shinde

We are really privileged to have a doctor like Dr Leena Patkar. Her excellent care really worked for our daughter. With the treatment taken, she has been cured of her frequent colds and cough and chronic Urinary tract infection. Her stamina has also improved. Our hearty thanks to Dr Leena Patkar for this.
We started treatment for Ruhi(my daughter) in Feb 2012 after taking lots of antibiotic courses for recurring UTI. After suffering for 4y with recc severe uti, scan revealed that her right kidney was small and distorted with only 30% functioning. Shocked with the scan, doctors said that she was suffering from Pyelonephritis since all these years with severe pus formation which has led to this state of kidney.

Horrified with the state of affairs we switched over to Homoeopathic treatment. Since the day we have started she has never again suffered from UTI till date. Scan also revealed improvement in kidney function. In april 2013 she had severe Tonsillitis, again with pus formation. WBC- was 19000 and she had fever ranging from 104-106. But as advised by Dr. Patkar we kept patience and fever came down in 3days time without even a single paracetamol. WBC- came to 6400 in a week’s time.
This was a very crucial period for us as we believed in homoeopathy but in 106 degree fever we were very scared. But the doctor was so very confident and patient throughout the process which made our trust in homoeopathy very firm. Now we know Homoeopathy not only works in chronic but acute cases also. Amazing experience!

Ms. Ruhi Shinde

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