NAME : Ms. Ruhi Shinde

Mrinmayee(3y at the time of starting Homoeo treatment) was suffering from continuous cough and cold and high grade fever for which she was hospitalized every 2-3months. It was very painful to see her suffer like this and she hated to be hospitalized. Allopathic treatments were not proving effective and the problem would re-surface as soon as the treatment was stopped. Also Mrinmayee would hate to consume allopathic medicine. Then we started dr. Leena’s medicines. At Dr. Patkar’s clinic, she had no issue with the medicine and over a period of time (2years of continuous medication) she has developed her resistance too. I would want to thank Dr leena Patkar for helping us in this regard.
Now she rarely falls sick but we take only Homoeopathy. I suggest Homoeopathic medicines to all as it is safe and without side effects.

Mr. Parab (Mrinmayee’s father)

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