Case Of Last stage of Pulmonary Tuberculosis

NAME : Mr. Shankar Jetekar. Age 40Years

Let me summarize a true story of mine….My new birth- Power of Homoeopathy and EXCELLENT DOCTORS.

I was suffering from Pulmonary Tuberculosis since last 4years’I was suffering with breathless attacks with on and off fever and was getting worsen day by day since last four months. My wt had reduced to 29kg from 40kg in 3-5yrs. Walking to the bathroom was a real challenge, speaking even two sentences had become a dream, eyes used to close but were not able to sleep/lie down since four months….Reason nothing other than fever/cough/Breathlessness/chest pain/Wheezing and so on. Latest I also started spitting blood and was refused admission by a local hospital as they said I was a case of open koch’s and so highly contagious. You know what Allopaths have solution for this, a big list of Inhalers (steroid), Steroid tab, Antibiotic, AKT which they have recommended to me throughout life. I had already completed 2 courses of 9months AKT medicines without any change in my condition. My family had lost hope of my survival as I was completely bedridden. Had stopped going to work since 6 months. This was when my neighbors suggested Dr. Patkar’s homoeopathy and we approached there with last hope. Started treatment in Jul-2011.Their outstanding confidence and caring attitude worked wonders for me.

Gradually improvement started. Initially fever kept coming but blood spitting stopped. Then in a month’s time I had gained 2kg weight as I was feeling hungry. In 6months time esr also reduced remarkably. I started going to work in 2mths time. Now, (Jul-2014) I am in good health, my medicines are stopped since one year and my wt is 38kg now.

This is the power of Homeopathy and Excellent Drs. I have promised to myself that I will not change my Homeopath DR. Patkar’s throughout my Life. My whole family is Thankful to Dr. Patkar’s.

Mr. Shankar Jetekar.

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