Case of CSF Rhinorrhoea Cerebro spinal leakage

NAME : Mr. Balkrishnan

It was in June 2013 that I had a common cold and fever. This went on for a few days and I took allopathic medication for this. On June 10th a fluid started coming out of my right nose which had a very bad taste. I was under the impression that it's part of the cold that I had and also consulted the doctor about it. I was initially told that it is viral and will subside in a few days. My health was getting worse day by day and the flow of fluid from my right nose was only increasing. I was later referred to another ENT specialist to take my case further. He immediately confirmed that it is CSF Rhinorhea - a condition wherein the fluid from the brain starts leaking and flows down from the nose. This was due to a puncture in the brain and he said that it's a very serious condition and only a brain surgery would help recover this case. He also said that if kept longer it could lead to brain hemorrhage which could be fatal.

I was heart broken and it also started affecting me mentally and emotionally. I didn't want to do a brain surgery which could be very risky at my age (76 yrs). This the doctors also confirmed. My son did a lot of research on this and finally found out that we could give a try at homeopathy. My son was already taking medicines from Dr. Vinayak Patkar and he was happy with his treatment. He took me to him and Dr. Vinayak Patkar studied the whole case and understood the situation. He started his medication on July 17th 2013. Initially I didn't feel much of an improvement but I persisted and decided to continue the full course as there were no side effects to it. It came as a real surprise to me when after taking Homeopathy medicine of Dr. Patkar for close to 3 months, the fluid leak from my brain completely stopped. The puncture in the brain was healed. All this healed without any surgery and purely on Homeopathy medicines.

Dr. Vinayak Patkar came to me as a real savior. Till this date the condition has never repeated and I can say for sure that I am completely cured of my illness. My heartfelt thanks to Dr.Patkar and his family. God Bless!

Mr. K. P. Balakrishnan Nair.

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