Case of Tonsils/Pharyngitis

NAME : Larissa Varghese

She was having very high fever upto 103 degrees for four days and the fever was fluctuating between 100 and 103degrees. It was a big reason of concern for us.

Dr Leena Patkar suggested a CBC. The results were shocking. WBC count was 14500(Max Limit should be 11000) Larissa was suffering from severe Suppurative Tonsils/Pharyngitis. Once again we put our faith in Dr Patkar’s homeopathic medicines.

To our surprise within 4 days of taking the medicines the tonsils vanished. Fever had subsided within 1 day of taking the medicine. Dr Leena Patkar suggested a CBC post treatment. And the results were very encouraging. WBC count came within normal range to a level of 10300.

Our faith in homeopathy was further strengthened.

Thanks to Dr Leena V Patkar


Shiju Varghese

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