Case of Prolapsed intervertebral disc(post surgery)

NAME : Mr. Vishwank Jagtap (Jet Airways..Chief Officer)

I had a Spine surgery in Jan 2008 for slip disc which was diagnosed suddenly one day when I could not walk. Post surgery I was given lots of restrictions which caused a big problem with my job. I could not move in bed without pain. That is the time I started Homoeopathic medicines from Dr. Leena Patkar.

Since then I took medicines for 4years. But my pain and stiffness is gone. I can work even double duty at office without much pain. I gradually started walking, jogging and running without problems. Allopaths had told me then that you can never run ever in your life. I thank Dr. Patkar for giving me my best of health. I also dream to run marathon some day. Now all my family is taking Homoeopathy and we are a Healthy Homoeopathic Family.


Mr. Vishwank Jagtap

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