Case of Early aging…Precocity in a girl of 6years.

NAME : Anxious Mother

My girl (6y) had axillary hair and spotting (red discharge) at a early age of 6y. We approached allopathic doctors and went through a series of testing processes at Hinduja hospital. Her female hormones and growth hormones were developing fast. Though they diagnosed it they had no proper treatment for the same. It was agonizing to see my daughter losing her childhood so early. That was the time I was given reference of Dr. Patkar from a friends mom. We started homoeopathic treatment but the assurance given by the doctor was a blessing in disguise. Now one year later her hormones have come back to normal. The hair growth and spotting has stopped completely. Also I am happy to see her enjoying her childhood.

Thankyou Dr. Patkar’s for your timely help.

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