Case of Recc cerebral strokes in 81yr old lady

NAME : Mrs. Draupadi Jalan

Mrs. Draupadi Jalan is a paralytic patient since last 5years. She is taking allopathic as well as homoeopathic medicines. Recently she had suffered a major breathing problem which could be solved only in the ICU if she was under allopathic treatment. But with our Homoeopathic doctors she was able to be back on her feet again without hospitalization. Again after few days she fell down in the bathroom because of she had continuous 4 strokes in a day at the interval of 1-2hrs. To our surprise she again recovered totally with only Homoeopathy.

We are very thankful to both our homoeo doctors and their treatment. And our old and small patients just enjoy taking sweet pills.

Mrs. Mita Jalan(DIL)

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