Case of rec. cold and cough

NAME : Mr.. Shlok Sane

Shlok Sane is a patient who suffered from severe cough and cold problems. In Nov-2009 he ate cucumbers and had cold drinks beyond a limit which triggered the cough and cold problem in him. Nebulizer had become a daily need for 2-3months during his suffering.

This continued for nearly 2years. Thereafter in 2011 he started with Homoeopathic treatment.

The treatment proved to be so effective that there was a drastic change in his health problems. It won’t be wrong to say that his cold and cough nearly disappeared. There was no need for nebulizers now. His immunity increased and his health improved. Now he is in such a happy go lucky state that he can eat and drink cold drinks without any worries.

Vaibhav Sane………Father of Shlok Sane

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