Case of Head Injury

NAME : Mrs. Savita Jadhav. (57Years)

I Mrs. Jadhav come to Dr. Patkars for Homoeopathy since last 15years all the way from Thana. In 2000 I started treatment for menopause complaints like heavy bleeding and hot flushes. In 2011 when I was travelling by train I had a fall from running train and had a severe head injury with semi consciousness. The railway authorities wanted to admit me to their hospital. But I wanted to talk to Dr. Leena Patkar before admission( in that semi coma state). She assured me on phone that everything will be alright. She called me to her clinic from Thana and examined me thoroughly and told me that I will not require hospitalization. She gave me medicines and told me to have complete bed rest. MRI showed a small clot in brain and swelling.

In 2days my headache and vomiting stopped and became alert. I completely recovered in a week’s time. Since that time I have complete faith in Dr. Leena and Homoeopathy. Even for small ailments like cold or fever or even diarrhea I prefer to travel from Thane to Kandivli. And believe me one dose she gives me and I am fine for 6months at least. She is not only my physician but a friend, a counselor, a teacher, a well wisher…..May God Bless her and her family.

Mrs. Jadhav

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