I would firstly like to thank Dr.Patkar for all his support and care toward me, during the illness.

It happened just a year ago when I was at check-in counters to board flight for Bangkok. While approaching the counters I had the strange feeling of nervousness. My walk was crooked and I was constantly walking along the side of the counters as if i was scared of open spaces. The airport seemed like a big football ground that was shaking. But I was conscious.Then ignoring what was happening to me (I thought bcoz of nervousness),Idecided to fill up the immigration form, but i couldn't write. It was all Greek to me.

Suddenly the staff wheeled me out of the airport on a wheelchair. I could see everything but could not speak. I knew I was told to get up and sit in an auto, but it took time for every action. The auto was straight taken to Dr Patkars' and he examined me. He immediately gave me medicine and I could walk after 6-7hrs to go do CT Scan. The only thing was, that I was sleep walking, but I figured out the things around me and what was happening with me. Maybe another more 6-7hrs, I could recognize voices around me (mostly visitors) who had dropped to see me. The second day I was awake and felt good but a little tired unawares that I had got a clot formation(brain hemorrhage).

I resumed duty within a month, and that too a night duty with train travelling. My speech and Writing was not clear initially but I overcome it with the help of Dr Patkars' medicine. After almost a year I am alright without any residual suffering /side effects. I have not even taken any sick leave in my office for a year. I suggest homeopathy is the safest and the best medicine and a cure for all ailments no matter how complicated the case. I was completely healed by homeopathy medicine without any hospitalization.

People need to understand the importance of the homeopathy medicine and trust their doctors, for a illness-free life.

Just as the saying hold true in Dr Patkars' dispensary that


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