NAME : Dr. (Mrs).Deepali Ankolekar

My name is Dr. (Mrs).Deepali Ankolekar. I am a Homoepath. I had heavy periods since puberty. After the birth of my daughter, 9 yrs back I developed endometriosis. I had bilateral chocolate cysts. I underwent laparoscopies twice for the same, was given hormonal injections.6 yrs back after the birth of my son, my complaints regressed and I was relieved from endometriosis. Recently after some stressful events, endometriosis surfaced again. I am taking homeopathic treatment from Dr Vinayak Patkar for the same and there are less heavy periods as well I feel less stressed than before.

Looking forward to continue my treatment with Dr.Patkar’s Homoepathy

Kind Regards,
Deepali (deepali.ankolekar@yahoo.in)

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